Volunteer on the estate

Shortmead relies on the goodwill and energy of volunteers throughout the year and there are always jobs to be done. Whether it be clearing weeds from the spinney, maintaining the woodland path, pruning shrubs or taking out the boat on the lake to reduce the reed bed, every job is vital to the estate management.

Our current volunteers range from a seven-year-old to a 75-year-old, and come from all parts of the community including retired couples who are keen to remain active and fit and job seekers that are keen to fill the gap with a purposeful activity which invariably leads to better job prospects.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you spare some time, even if it’s one afternoon a week, we are always appreciative of any assistance. The work can be very rewarding and so if you enjoy working as part of a team then email our volunteer co-ordinator.