The Friends of Shortmead was set up to support the current and future development of the estate. (This constitution was passed at the inaugural meeting of Friends of Shortmead on 24th September 2006)

1 Name

The name of the group shall be Friends of Shortmead abbreviated to FOS.

2 Aims and objectives

2.1 Aims

2.11 To develop and manage the site as an open space with regular public access, providing quiet enjoyment for the benefit of local residents and visitors, to protect and enhance the environment.

2.12 To encourage local residents, education establishments and other interested parties to work together to care for and enjoy the site.

2.13 To increase awareness of the environmental habitats and historical significance of the restoration project

2.14 To enhance the wildlife value of the site by creating, improving and managing the habitats.

2.15 To increase understanding and enjoyment of the heritage and wildlife of the surrounding area.

2.16 To consider the health and safety of the site.

2.2 Objectives

2.21 To develop, finalise and implement a grounds plan.

2.22 To formalise an access agreement to the site and create an access path.

2.23 To undertake tree and scrub management to improve the access, health and safety and setting of the site.

2.24 To promote the site’s heritage and wildlife interest through information boards, leaflets and events.

2.25 To provide viewpoints and seating in designated areas.

2.26 To monitor the wildlife on site.

2.27 To plant hedging, woodland bulbs, trees and wildflowers.

2.28 To construct woodland paths, car parking area, dipping platforms, bridge and kissing gates.

2.29 To undertake other works as required.

3 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held annually in September or October. There will be at least 14 days notice to members and the meeting will be publicised through the information boards at either end of the bridleway which runs through the estate.

Changes to the constitution may only be made at an AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). An EGM may be called following a resolution by at least three members, with 14 days notice.

4 Membership

Membership of FOS will be open to any persons who are in agreement with the aims and objectives as stated in the constitution. Membership of FOS may be terminated for the following reasons.

a) Resignation by the member.

b) A member’s conduct is considered detrimental to the aims and objectives of the FOS by at least 50% of the committee with the chairperson having the casting vote.

5 Officers and committee

The committee shall be elected at the AGM.

The committee shall comprise of a minimum of five and maximum of nine FOS members. The committee shall meet at least three times per year with the September to October meeting being the AGM.

The committee will be advised by Shortmead Project Manager and make decisions by consensus/majority vote.

The committee will include a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and will include Shortmead Project Manager and Ian Bond, owner of the Shortmead Estate (neither of these to serve as chairperson or treasurer).

The committee will have the powers to co-opt such persons as considered necessary from time to time as the need arises.

6 Finance

The treasurer will be responsible for managing the financial affairs of the group. The financial year of FOS will run from 1 July to 30 June.

A bank account will be set up with a minimum of three named signatories from the committee, of which two will be required for signing cheques.

One of these will be Marilyn Bond, Project Manager. Income received will be used only to contribute to the agreed aims and objectives of FOS and in line with grant requirements.

There will be an independent inspection of accounts which will be circulated prior to the AGM.

7 Dissolution

FOS may be dissolved by the committee or at the discretion of the owners once assets have been correctly disposed of.